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Your Product’s Packaging Can Make or Break a Sale

The Way Your Product’s Packaging Can Influence Your Consumer’s Purchase

A product’s packaging can make or break a sale, especially if it’s the first time consumers are buying said product. Think about when you’re looking at a product you’re unfamiliar with. The first thing you notice is the product’s packaging, and then you scan the packaging for credibility. 

Scanning for Packaging Credibility

We have been conditioned to scan for credibility from childhood. An excellent example of this is when we are searching the web. We scan various websites looking for information all the time. If we see that the webpage has too many colors, multiple typefaces, random popups, a weird layout, etc. We can conclude that website may not be that creditable. These same tactics can be applied to your packaging design.

Packaging has Power

If you have good packaging, you can play with pricing and get better shelf placement in stores. Your first impression on the consumer is essential to your sales and having packaging that best translates your brand’s attributes is necessary. We have to remember that our consumers will assume things about the product from the way it looks. So we have to place the right things together, so they assume the right things. Gif Design Studios posted a great carousel on Instagram about the power of packaging in the shape of a game. I encourage you to check out to get the answers.

Your Future Packaging 

Moving forward, you have to make sure your packaging has the right attributes you want your consumers to perceive. If you’re going to be known for simplicity, make sure your packaging screams simplicity. Establish credibility by not having a ridiculous amount of colors, copy, crazy imagery, or weird layouts. Give your packaging the power it deserves. 

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