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Joshua A. Hayes

Master of Integrated Visual Marketing:
Illustration + Design + Marketing


I’m Joshua. I’m a tea-drink’n analytical creative based in Miami, FL. were I born & raised. I’m of Dominican & American decent. I specialize in creating impactful integrated visuals that boost presence & enhance experiences through #Illustration #Design & #Marketing


  1. Motivated by curiosity & powered by creativity.
  2. A September Virgo. (Moon: Aries | Asc: Taurus)
  3. Loves a quality cup of tea (warm or iced).
  4. Lives for yummy food & drinks.
  5. UV light is my nemesis so I wear sunglasses day & night.
  6. I love a good Villain.


My creative work specializes in crafting impactful integrated visual solutions that enhance presence and enrich experiences with a human-centered focus. Drawing from my expertise as an illustrator, designer, and marketing strategist, I blend my skills to cater to freelance and corporate clients across various industries.


Driven by curiosity and powered by creativity, I find inspiration everywhere. My work touches on consciousness, identity, human anatomy, healthcare, science, mythology, and culture. My creative work results from my curiosity and passion for learning and sharing knowledge through creativity.


My figurative illustrations, which use charcoal, ink, and digital media, typically explore the themes of consciousness and identity. They are used in the fine arts, conceptual, and editorial markets.

Figurative illustration and anatomy have been my day-one passions for as long as I can remember. As a child, I wanted to become a general or plastic surgeon. Through my deconstructed anatomical, figurative work, I became a  surgeon in my own way.


My identity and logo design portfolio spans various industries such as healthcare, education, tobacco, cannabis, real estate, science, government, transit, zoning, banking, legal, and food and beverage.  

Identity design is like playing with Legos. I can creatively build and find what visual pieces best communicate the brand’s mission and vision through its look and feel with endless possibilities and combinations; I love it.


In addition to creating branding and marketing strategies in my corporate life, I offer specialized consulting services in digital content marketing and brand strategy through my creative practice. My approach is rooted in deeply understanding consumer behavior and visual marketing comms.


Today, I operate my freelance creative practice a work as a Professor of Marketing and Graphic Arts at Miami-Dade College. Through teaching, I continue to foster a love for creativity and analytical thinking in the next generation of professionals. Plus, they keep me on my toes.