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Hey, I'm Joshua A. Hayes
Master of Integrated Visual Marketing

I’m a tea drink’n analytical creative based in Miami, FL.  I specialize in creating impactful integrated visuals that boost presence & enhance experiences through #Illustration #Design & #Marketing

Figurative Illustration

Creating detailed, human-centered,  figurative illustrations that enhance experiences for the conceptual, editorial, and advertising markets.

Visual Identity & Logo Design

Creating professional and memorable visual brand identities of organizations and individuals.

Visual Brand & Marketing Comm Strategy

Integrating visual design, branding and marketing strategy to deliver impactful and cohesive messaging for organizations and people.

Image of Joshua A. Hayes


  1. Motivated by curiosity & powered by creativity.
  2. A September Virgo. (Moon: Aries | Asc: Taurus)
  3. Loves a quality cup of tea (warm or iced).
  4. Lives for yummy food & drinks.
  5. UV light is my nemesis so I wear sunglasses day & night.
  6. I love a good Villain.


  • Integrated Visual Marketing Strategy
  • Visual Identity & Logo Design
  • Figurative Illustration


  • Master of Fine Arts in Illustration (M.F.A.): Conceptual + Advertising Illustration & Design | Savannah College of Art and Design (S.C.A.D.)
  • Master of Science in Marketing (M.S.M.): Branding + Digital + Analytics | Florida International University (F.I.U.)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (B.F.A.): Visual Design + Advertising | Miami International University of Art & Design (A.i.)
  • Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt Certification (An advanced problem-solving framework to develop and improve products, services, and processes.)


  • 17 YRS – Figurative Illustration
  • 12 YRS – Visual Identity & Logo Design
  • 5 YRS – Visual Branding & Marketing Comm Strategy
  • 5 YRS – Teaching