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I’m a tea-drink’n analytical creative specializing in creating strategic & conceptual visual design comms that creatively deliver impactful & cohesive messaging for both organizations & people; all while drink'n tea.

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Conceptual Figurative Illustration

Creating human-centered conceptual figurative illustrations for gallery, editorial, & advertising use.
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Identity Design

Designing & developing professional, creative, & memorable identities for both organizations & people.

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Creative Comms Strategist

Combining visual design, brand strategy, & content strategy to deliver impactful & cohesive messaging for organizations & people.


I’m a Black Dominican American born & raised in Miami-Dade County. I’ve been a creative working with my hands my whole life. I got into the arts as a self-taught traditional visual artist.

Originally Art was plan B! Plan A was becoming a general surgeon. Then at some point, my love for the human anatomy worked its way into my works. In a way, I’m like a surgeon, dissecting, & exploring the human body.


I got my BFA in Visual Arts from MIU (AI). That’s when I got introduced to the fundamentals of digital media, graphic design, & advertising. Thanks to those advertising classes, I decided to get my M.A. in Marketing from FIU, strengthening my knowledge of digital marketing, analytics, & branding. Then, I got my MA in Illustration from SCAD, focusing on conceptual visual comms for editorials & advertising.



Spillin’ the tea about enhancing visual, design, & brand comms


Brands are People Too

One of the best things a brand can do is be unique, confident, and have its personality. Imagine Apple, Google, or Amazon as a person. I’m 90% confident we would all come up with similar personifications for these brands. This is done because of good branding.

Utilize the Power of Color in Visual Communication

I utilize the power of #Color in #VisualCommunications. Color can influence the viewer’s behavior and interpretation of your messages, which can alter your advertising and marketing results.

Using Multiple Sensory Elements in Your Campaigns

When I create a campaign, I make sure I use a minimum of three sensory elements as possible. Using multiple sensory elements can increase the engagement rates of your campaign.