Joshua A. Hayes

Create | Design | Strategize


I create detailed figurative drawings & illustrations.

These drawings and illustrations are created for exhibitions, collectors, publications, and more.


I design and develop visual identities and logos to make memorable brands.

This process involves designing and developing a system of design elements, colors, typography, and imagery that highlights the brands core attributes and message.


I strategize digital brand & marketing strategies to grow & develop businesses.

This process involves identifying the brand’s goals and then analyzing the brand as a whole to strategize ways we can achieve those goals.

Have you checked out my blog "Listen Up Brains" yet?

“Listen Up Brains” is a place where I can share my advice and nine of experience with those who also create, design, and or strategize.

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I’m a professional freelancer born and raised in Miami, FL. I have nine years of experience in creating, designing, and strategizing. My everyday hobbies since childhood have always revolved around my curiosity and creativity. Which have now become my core pillars to who I am. 


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