Illustrator | Designer | Marketing Strategist

I'm a tea-drinking analytical creative based in Miami-Dade County, Florida. 

My passion is creating, designing, and strategizing strategic conceptual visuals that creativity strengthens communication efforts.


I’ve specialized in creating detailed figurative and portrait illustrations themed around the human body, self-expression, identity, and curiosity for the last 15+ years.

My illustrations are used for advertising, books, and graphic t-shirts, collected by art collectors, and exhibited in shows across the U.S.


I’ve specialized in designing professional brand identities and logos for the last 10+ years.

My designs are used by a range of industries such as healthcare, beauty, realty, cigar, cannabis, and more. 


I’ve specialized in developing visual marketing communications, content, and brand strategies that strengthen communication efforts with consumers and help obtain business objectives for the last 5+ years. 

My strategies are used by a range of industries such as biomedical, healthcare, beauty, cycling, restaurant, and more.


(Traditional & Digital Media)

Add an engaging, emotional, stylish, and creative element to your book, magazine, print. An illustration is a wonderful visual element that can do just that.

Identity & Logo Design

Have a creative, memorable, and visually distinctive brand. Identity design are the visual identifiers that reflect the look and feel of your brand. The logo, colors, type, images, iconography, textures, and other design elements form the identity.

Brand Marketing Communication Strategy

Lead the conversation about your brand with clear communication.

A strong brand Marketing communication strategy analyses the brand’s benefits, competitive advantages, and communication efforts to better persuade how your brand’s image and messaging is perceived by its target audience.

Creative Consult

Make informed creative and decisive decisions with a creative who has 15+ years of experience and knowledge in the creative field.

Communication Design

Clearly and creatively spread conceptual messages or concepts to your audience through design. Communication design is the creation of visuals (flyers, posters, brochures, and other marketing or promotional collateral) that help with just that.

Content Marketing Strategy

Create content that best engages and communicates the brand’s mission, vision, messaging, and services to your target audience.

A content marketing strategy analyzes the brand’s social presence, target audience, consumer behavior, marketing efforts, budget, and communication methods to better target it’s audience across social channels to better obtain business objectives.

Joshua A. Hayes

Illustrator, Designer, Marketing Strategist

Motivated by curiosity.
Powered by creativity.

About Me

As I mentioned before, my name’s Joshua A. Hayes. I’m an analytical creative who has a passion to create, design, and strategize. I was born and raised in Miami-Dade, FL. I’m of Black-American and Dominican decent. Those who know me, would describe me as charming, witty, ambitious, creative, and extra AF for no reason. I guess it’s the virgo in me.

Education Background

I currently hold a Masters of Science in Marketing from Florida International University #Cohort14 where I focused on branding, digital, and analytics. I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Visual Arts from Miami International University of Art & Design where I focused on figurative drawing, illustration, and advertising. I am also Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

6 Things About Me

1. I drink about half a gallon of tea a day
2. My favorite movie is, “The Emperor’s New Groove”
3. I’m the youngest of 3
4. There’s a 90% chance of me rooting for the villain over the hero
5. I love a good challenge
6. I love some good tea (IYKYK)

My Mission

To simply create, design, and strategize quality conceptual visuals while sparking creativity and curiosity in others in the creative field.

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“Listen Up, Brains!” is a blog where I share my knowledge & experience about the following topics: visual arts, art & design biz, content creation, & mktg comm.

Listen up Brains, I mentioned once The Importance of Monitoring the Strategic Planning Process A.K.A. monitor, tweak, and repeat. Now, we are going to talk about knowing when to kill your investments from digital and traditional media in a marketing campaign . . .

The trick behind personalized digital communication is to know your audience. The better you know your audience, the better you can communicate and connect with them. For example, your communication tactic between a business professional and a regular person at a whimsical coffee shop won’t have the same tone or vocabulary . . .

Words can spark emotion, inspiration, motivation, creativity, even destruction. When choosing which words to associate with your brand, think about what you believe your brand stands for . . .

One of the best things a brand can do is be unique, confident, and have their own personality. If I were to tell you to imagine Apple, Google, or Amazon as a person, I’m 90% confident we would all come up with similar personifications of these brands . . .