The Freelancer’s Golden Peek to Brand Success

Focusing on Your Highest Quality Services that Lead to Brand Success

As a freelancer, you have to position your brand for success and make the switch from generalist to specialist. Every freelancer starts with having 10+ different services that they provide to their consumers. With time and experience, we learn that this is ineffective. The trick to have a successful freelance practice is to narrow down your services to what you do best and focusing on your highest quality services. I call these perfected service(s) the Freelancer’s Golden Peek.

The Freelancer’s Golden Peek

Think of a pyramid, this pyramid represents all of your brand’s potential services. At the base of your pyramid, you have the services you are just “ok” at. As you work your way up to the peak, you have your highest quality services. Like a traditional Egyptian pyramid, these services are coated in gold because these are the qualities that are the most valuable.

You Need a Golden Peek

In my case, I have three pyramids. One for creation, one for design, and one for strategy with their own individual peeks (figurative drawing/illustration, visual identity, and digital branding strategy). Having a golden peek service will lead to having more money because you will be known for being the best at that particular service. You’ll also be the first person that comes to mind when they need someone for that specific service. So do yourself a favor and find your brand’s golden peek to success. The peek that will bring in the gold.

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