Using the 5 W’s to Understand Your Customers Story: Understanding What Challenge(s) Your Consumers are Having

Using grade school literary tactics to better understand your customer’s story and their challenges to build trust.

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You may recall the 5 W’s from back in grade school when your teacher asked about the book you were supposed to read for homework. To refresh your memory, the 5 W’s are:  who, what, when, where, and why. This same literary tactic can be used to understand your consumer’s story because they have their own story too. Today I’m going to focus on the What, what are your customer’s challenges.

Understanding What Challenges(s) Your Consumers are Having

The challenges your consumers are facing don’t have to be life or death, it could be just a small inconvenience they having. This inconvenience could be something like having multiple steps before checking out. Amazon’s solution for this inconvenience was to create a one-click order now option. Today almost every online shop has one because it helps the consumer get what they want faster. 

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To find your consumer’s challenges, all you have to do is listen to them. The same way a good bartender listens to how you like your drink is the same way you have to listen to your consumers. You can ask them about their challenges through a simple email questionnaire, a post, or a quick five-minute call. Once you know what they want, you can better serve them. 

“A great marketer is like a great bartender. They listen to their consumers and give them exactly what they wanted.” 

– Joshua A. Hayes

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