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Do I Have Enough Ad Spend and Market Share?

The Magic Link between You Ad Spend and Market Share

There’s a magical link between your ad spend and market share. This magical link can dictate whether or not your business will increase its market share in the future. Keep in mind, the more market share you have, the more revenue you’ll generate. 

The Magic Link Between Your You Ad Spend and Market Share

Your market share is dictated by the amount you spend on ads or, as some like to say, voice. The more you spend on ads or voice, the higher your market share will become. The more ads you have, the more humans will recall your brand and or products. This leads them to think of your brand before the competition and increases the chance of making a sale.

This magical link can also work backward and tell you if your brand will lose market share. If your current market share is higher than your ad spend/voice, your brand has a higher chance of losing market share. 

The Trick to Maintaining Your Market Share?

The trick is to maintain a steady 2-3% more ad spend/voice than your market share. If you want to increase your market share, increase your ad spend! That’s it. You get what you put in. So if you put in trash, you’ll get trash. If you put in money, you’ll get money . . . occasionally.

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