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Designing Visual Charts & Graphs for Your Business

Organizing Your Business’s Data with Visual Charts & Graphs

Organizing your business’s data with visual charts & graphs is the best way to present data. Having good visuals when you’re showing data helps tell the story of how well/bad your business is doing.  Like I have said before, the more sensory element you use, the longer you’ll keep your audience’s attention

Programs to Use to Make Your Visual Charts & Graphs

There are hundreds of programs to use to make your visuals. Naturally, as a designer, Adobe Illustrator and maybe Photoshop would be our go-to programs. Then there are Google Slide/Sheets, Microsoft Powerpoint/Excel, and Tableau. These are all great tools you can use to boost your audience’s attention when sharing data. 

Why Use Visual Charts & Graphs

Let’s face it, looking at numbers on a spreadsheet is boring. Looking at cool shapes and colors with numbers is 100 times more interesting to look at. We have used visuals (hieroglyphs, pictures, pictographs, emojis, graphs, and signs) for thousands of years for a reason. We have to remember the average human attention span is only 8 seconds, which doesn’t give you much time to get your point across. Having sensory elements like visuals will hold your viewer’s attention longer and make it easier to follow. Over 65% of humans are visual learners. Here’s what that means. NO visuals, NO attention.   

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