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Become Your Audience’s BFF with Personalized Digital Communications

The Power that Comes with Becoming Your Audience’s BFF with Personalized Digital Communications

The trick behind personalized digital communication is to know your audience. The better you know your audience, the better you can communicate and connect with them. For example, your communication tactic between a business professional and a regular person at a whimsical coffee shop won’t have the same tone or vocabulary. If you did use the same communication tactics, chances are you won’t appeal to both audiences. This is why having personalized communication is key because you want to get that person’s attention and connect with them as fast as possible.

When Personalized Digital Communications are Used

    Email marketing is big on personalized digital communications. When you get discount offers, birthday/ anniversary messages, and daily/weekly newsletters, all of these communications are tailored just for you/the consumer on how you interacted with the brand’s content (clicks, likes, visits, etc.). Then you also have social media ads, which are also developed around how you/the consumer interacted with the brand. For example, I talk and post all the time about how much I love tea. Guess what type of ads I get on social media? TEA ADS! I get tea recommendations, and I get promos, and you know damn well I’m clicking them. 

Becoming Your Audience’s BFF with Personalized Digital Communications

So at the end of the day, if you want digital communications that convert your audiences, you have to personalize them. Make them feel like you two are BFFs, and you know their name, personality, birthday, and the exact vocabulary, tone, and imagery that will catch their attention. Once you have accessed the BFF trust zone, you will become a priority to them. So when they see your communications, they will have a higher chance of interacting and possibly converting; just don’t abuse it because you can easily be labeled spam.

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