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When to Kill Digital & Traditional Media Investments

Knowing When to Kill Digital & Traditional Media Investments in a Marketing Campaign

Listen up Brains, I mentioned once The Importance of Monitoring the Strategic Planning Process A.K.A. monitor, tweak, and repeat. Now, we are going to talk about knowing when to kill your investments from digital and traditional media in a marketing campaign. As a general rule of thumb, if your investments and marketing efforts in either digital or traditional media out way the results, kill it! Don’t let your pride and hopes guide your marketing efforts because it could kill your budget fairly quickly. 

When to Kill Digital Media Investments

I worked on a marketing campaign where the team decided to invest in a wide range of Digital channels and placement ads “hoping to increase sales conversions. Remember what I said about “hoping”? Well, 4 of their display ads had low sales contributions with 2:1 RIO ratios. This raised a red flag for me because the other 6 display ads had higher contribution percentages and 10+:1 ROI ratios. Based on those numbers, we killed those ads and moved the money into more profitable ads. If your company is ever in a similar situation, I would vote to do the same. Otherwise, you’re wasting your investments that could potentially be making more if you killed it and moved the money into something else. 

When to Kill Traditional Media Investments

This same mentality to kill investments also applies to traditional media. Sometimes your magazine ad, banners, trade shows, events, or even store locations are not contributing enough to outweigh the investment so you have to kill it.  Before you kill a decision in a marketing campaign, whether it’s digital or traditional, ask yourself the following three questions.

  • Is this investment contributing to sales or conversions? Yes or No? If so, at what percent? 
  • How much am I spending on this investment? 
  • Is this investment showing a positive or negative ROI?

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