Remembering Which Product You Brought Last Time

Maximize Your Consumers’ Time

Using a Consistent Identity and Customized Content to Speed Up the Buying Process.

Listen here, Brains. Your goal is to help your consumers find what they want faster, and the way we are going to do this is with a consistent identity and customized content.  The smoother and faster the buying process becomes, the more likely consumers will return and recommend your products/services. 

Have a Consistent Identity with Your Content

Think of it like this, when you go shopping for a product you already purchased in the past, do you read the labels? When you think about it, we don’t. We look for colors, shapes, and patterns first because of how the brain works. The brain processes and remembers patterns and imagery faster than text. We only start to read what the product says when we don’t know what it is, how it works, and when the company changes its design/packaging because now we can’t find the shapes, colors, and patterns we are used to.   

Camille Vogl, Customer Experience Specialist
Camille Vogl, Customer Experience Specialist

“Consumers are constantly thrown content by various companies and profiles all day long. Making your brand memorable by creating a consistent identity on your platforms is key to being memorable and recognizable. The more a consumer recognizes and remembers your brand, the more likely they are to consume your content, product, or service consistently.”

Speeding Up Your Customer’s Buying Process 

No one likes to spend their whole day shopping and dealing with other humans. We want to get our consumers what we want so they can move on with their lives. 

“Way-finding (a term that most don’t understand) is extremely important to consumers. They want to get in and get out of the buying process as effectively as possible. Poor navigation can cause someone to get frustrated, and sometimes employees may not be able to assist due to issues like language barriers or simply not knowing.”

Danielle McPherson, Advertiser | Conceptualist

Giving Your Consumers Customized Content

No one likes to bother by nonsense, so we need to make sure we give our consumers what they want when they want it. Ever get an email with a discount code for a product after you already purchased said product? How about an email or ad for a product that is completely unrelated to you? This means that the company that sent you that email/ad sadly knows nothing about you or where you are in the buying process. 

Michelle Reyna
Michelle Reyna, Marketing Strategist

“Advertising has evolved throughout the years, and now more than ever, where consumers are exposed to personalized advertising. Using personalization is a great tool for marketers to reach our consumers more effectively. However, it’s important to truly understand consumer behavior to be able and deliver a successful campaign. There is no doubt that consumers prefer a customized experience rather than a generic advertisement.” 

Understanding the Consumer’s Needs

When it comes to understanding our consumers, we have to observe them and take notes closely. The better we know our audience, the better we can place the right content in front of them at the right time, and thanks to technology, it’s not that hard. 

Lin Humphery
Lin Humphrey,
Digital Marketing
Specialist, and Instructor

One of the key goals of marketers today is to achieve better address-ability, which means we know who is behind the screen. While cookies have helped in the past, greater privacy efforts are needed, meaning we must find alternate means of cross-device identity.  The agencies and marketers that succeed in the next 18 months must become experts in a cookieless world.”

Adnand Razack
Adnand Razack Creative Director and Illustrator

“In our contemporary society, the consumer has the liberty of easily finding the product or service they ultimately desire through the online world, which feverishly caters to our every whim and fancy. Sadly, that has added a reverse effect to when one is shopping in person.

The services rendered in stores have, in many cases, seemed to diminish.  Here is where the services to the consumer must extend to meeting the consumer through excellent communication, developing an understanding of what they seek, and having the knowledge to get them what they seek or otherwise advise them where to do such.”

What the Consumer Wants

Consumers want to get in and out of the buying process because we all want to get back to our daily lives as fast as possible. Setting up a consistent identity across your products and social media helps create a recognizable and memorable brand, helping your consumers find your products faster.  This is because the brain processes images faster than words.

Customizing/Optimizing the content you send to your consumers also helps them find what they want faster. Now you’re recommending products and services similar to the product they already purchased or shown interest in. Moving forward, waste your consumer’s time with none personalized marketing, and if you plan on changing your product’s packaging, give them a heads up, so they aren’t spending an extra 5 minutes looking for the product. We need to maximize our consumers’ time, not waste it.

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