Peanut Butter and Jam Sand-which

Making the Perfect Marketing PB&J

How to Create a Strong Marketing Campaign.  

The marketing PB&J is the foundation of a strong marketing campaign and business. I see marketing research as the toasted bread to my peanut butter and jam sandwich (Jam> Jelly). Marketing research (the bread) provides the support needed to keep a campaign from getting messy and failing.

The Beginning Marketing Research (The Bottom Slice of Bread)

Your beginning marketing research is your basic foundation. It’s where you decide what question(s) you’re trying to have answered as well as figure out what task(s) you are doing to need to accomplish to answer your questions(s). Without this guiding question(s) and research,  your marketing PB&J will be a big mess. There are multiple ways you can gather information for your marketing research. Once you’ve gathered that information, you can then use it for your campaign. 

Creating and Running the Campaign (The Peanut Butter)

This is the thickest section of the marketing PB&J.  Here is where you are implementing all the marketing research you originally gathered and combining it with the visuals/audios.  

Let’s say your marketing research wasn’t the best. This causes a few things to happen. If you didn’t do enough research on your target audience, there’s an 80% risk of missing your targets or reaching the wrong target audience. Another issue that can occur is not using the right platform(s)  your target audience uses.  

The Results (The Jam)

Here’s where all the sweets are. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The results are the highlight of all our hard work, but it’s not over there. Sometimes you have to do further research to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. For example, maybe your campaign isn’t showing results you weren’t expecting.  Then you need to change a few things in either your messaging, content delivery, adjust your target audience, or even your segmentations. Now, if everything’s going as planned, then all you have to do is monitor the results. 

Marketing Research and Analytics (The Top Slice of Bread)

Here’s when you look back and reflect on how good or bad the campaign went. We would do this through the campaign’s analytics. I like to recommend that no matter the outcome of the campaign, learn and improve from it. This can be done by doing more marketing research at the beginning on the customers, the industry, the buyer’s journey, or even the product/service you are promoting. 

Why the Use the Marketing Research

Marketing research is the foundation, the PB&J,  to have a strong campaign and a strong business.  Marketing research, if done properly, can prevent 87.3 % of future complications. At the end of the day, you have to know your audience, market, industry, and what content would be best for these areas. Now make your own Marketing PB&J. 

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