The Power of One’s Brand Credibility

How Brand Awareness and Price go Hand-in-Hand 

The power of one’s brand credibility is sometimes overlooked. Let’s take this question, “What is the going rate for a logo?” and “How much do I charge for a logo?” as examples. The answers are, it depends on how much you want to pay and it depends on much you want to get paid at the end of the day. I have seen logos go from anywhere between $0-250,000 thousand dollars. Of course, various factors affect the price: the business’s size, the turnaround time, the number of revisions, and most importantly the designer. The designer plays the largest role because the designer has their own brand and their own credibility. 

Take a look at these major companies and how much they spent on their logos.

How the Designer’s Brand Credibility Effects the Price

I have been creating logos and identity systems professionally for various size businesses for the last 9 yrs. On average I currently charge $800-1.5k to design a logo which could sound expensive or cheap depending on who my client is. If Steve Jobs was able to pay my rates for Paul Rand to design the NeXT logo, I’m sure Steve would have been ecstatic because he could have saved $90k. The reason why Paul Rand and many other designers are able to set their rates so high is because they have the credibility and they have a client willing to pay their rates. Moral of the story, find someone willing to pay your premium but reasonable rates and establish your credibility. 

Here’s Something to Remember

When choosing a designer, you should remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. You can get a fantastic designer for less than $50 online, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get great communication or experience with that designer.  Here’s a couple of websites to check out if you’re looking for a cheap logo design. You can also go to Instagram and find thousands of freelancers who share their portfolios online. 

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