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Is Anime an Art?

Anime, a Stylized Genre of Art

I discuss this topic all the time with my younger students. To make better sense of anime in the art world, you have to understand that all art can be placed on a spectrum. This spectrum consists of three primary genres: Realism, stylized, and abstract. Take a look at my chart below. See how on one end is realism and on the opposite end is abstract. The thing that separates these two genres is the amount of information (or details) that are provided, eaning how rendered the subject matter is. Anime can be categorized as a stylistic genre of art.

Genre of Art

Are Anime Shows a “Grown-up Cartoon”? 

No, and here’s why. Cartoons, in my opinion, are designed for those with lower or developing maturity levels who just want to be entertained. Most cartoons after the 90’s- early 2000’s stopped providing fundamental values like morals, values, and became just entertainment. On the other hand, Anime is intended for those with higher or more developed maturity levels who want more than just entertainment. Anime typically has strong subject matter, complex concepts, sensitive imagery, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, science, and life teachings. Anime is similar to live-action shows but in an animated/stylized form.

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