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5 Ways the Cell Phone Industry Impacts the Consumer’s Decision Making Process

How the Cell Phone Industry Impacts the Consumer Decision Making Process for the Better

Think of all the times you were up late and wanted something sweet, but you know there’s nothing in the kitchen; what do you do? I reach for my phone and see who is open and the closest because I want a strawberry milkshake now. The ability to compare multiple companies instantly on my cell phone is partly thanks to Motorola engineer Martin Cooper. Martin engineered the first cell phone in 1973. Since then, the cell phone industry has continued to evolve and impact the average consumer’s decision-making process.  

5 Ways the Cell Phone Industry Impacted the Consumer’s Decision Making Process

  1. They can compare multiple companies and products in an instant with a quick Google search.This makes it easier for the consumer to find the best product/service based of reviews.
  1. Communicate and interact with brands through social media and email. Ingteracting with the brand increases the relationship between the consumer and the brand.
  1. They can call, text, or FaceTime their BFF to get feedback on that product or service. Friends, family, and colleuge act as real time product/service Q&A.
  1. The way consumers can instantly share photos of the thing they just purchased. Consumers sharing their purchase and experiance, are “free” product/service advertizing that increases the brands awarness.  
  1. Lastly, having the ability to put the marketing directly in the consumer’s hands and face. Having your marketing in your consumers hands increase the posibility of conversion or at least moving them down the funnel.  

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