Does Censorship Lead to Better Art?

Should Art have Censorship if it’s Art? 

I’m on the fence about this topic because I disagree with the criteria of how social media platforms algorithms flag artwork. There have been countless times where I have had my own artwork flagged for: “nudity,” “sexual content,” “a breach of community guidelines”, “being offensive,” and for “being disturbing”. Yet after review, they don’t break these so-called guidelines. 

Does Censorship Lead to Better Art?

When it comes to “if censorship makes the art better or not?”.  Censorship restricts the intended experience, emotion, and expression of the work. It’s like getting a puzzle with missing pieces. Yet, in a way, censorship causes another form of creativity. It’s like the Animaniacs mentality (yes, like the show) of trying to see how far you can push it without getting in trouble.

Censorship Sparks more Creativity

In the very few times where censorship is better, it’s because the artist intended the work to be censored. For example, older films could not show murder or sexual acts on screen. So the director had to come up with a creative solution to tell that part of the story. Which usually resulted in using angles, framing, silhouettes, and hard lighting. These same tactics are also done in art, making the artwork more mysterious or even comical if the artist used more suggestive iconography/imagery.  What do you think about censorship? Does censorship lead to better art?

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