Eliminating Transaction Cost To Increase Sales

Eliminating Transaction Cost To Increase Sales

How to get past the transaction cost and get humans to buy your products or services.

The amount of emails we deleted in a week of sales that sound good but weren’t worth the effort is ridiculous. It’s never that the sale wasn’t good enough to spark excitement. But that its transaction cost is more then we really want to give.

Let’s face it, we all just don’t want to find pants and then have to drive anywhere. This is called transaction cost, the thing that slows or stops a customer from buying a product or service. Having to find pants, drive, embrace the sun, and to have to see other humans is asking too much form me.

As marketers we have to develop creative ways to get lazy people like myself, out of their house or into our website. To do this we have to make things easier and worth that extra step. Ever noticed that “24 hrs left” at the top of the email? Well, that’s one of the most popular ways to get humans to buy something.

This is because adding a timer or incentives to an email tells humans that this is an “exclusive deal”. Using points and rewards can also give the illusion of an “exclusive deal”. What do you use to get the lazy ones out of their house or onto your website? Let me know in the comments bellow.

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