Here you will find a combination of personal and client work I’ve created over the years.


FAQ About My Artwork

How Long Have Your Been Drawing? I have been drawing for as long as I can remember – since childhood.

Why Do You Use These Hexagon (Honeycomb) Shapes? The hexagonal concept comes from nature and my journey down a rabbit hole of theories. I enjoyed how the hexagonal shape represents balance, efficiency, and how it’s found everywhere in nature. I also love how the hexagonal shapes when aligned together, resemble puzzle pieces connecting together.

Why Do You Show the Muscles and Bones in Your Work? The expose the anatomy is done because of my fascination and curiosity with the human body. Growing up I always thought I would become a general surgeon. That was until my love for the arts became my priority. I like to think that exposing the anatomy underneath is my way of becoming a surgeon and still fulfilling that dream of becoming a surgeon.

Can you Draw Me or My Family? Yes. I do family/solo portrait all the time. Just email me saying you want to commission me for a family portrait.
Do You Do Digital Art? Yes. I do both digital and traditional art.

What’s Your Favorite Media? Charcoal hands down! The amount of depth, emotion, and expression you can get is amazing.

 When Did You Have Your First Show? My first show was in the 3rd grade and it was exhibited in South Land Mall. The only piece I remember being exhibited was this center piece ceramic bowl with a lava glaze I made. I only remember it because a guy offered me $300 for it.


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