Is the Money & Memories Enough? 🤔

Suppose you got paid to create a design/work of art, but no one ever saw it. Would that bother you?

To me, it’s like that tree falling in the woods but no one around situations. Yes, you got paid for your hard work, enjoyed the process, & learned from your mistakes; but that’s it! No looking back for critique or seeing how the world preserves your work. Just the money & memories.

I’ve had this happen. I worked on a project to create this massive mural for a new bar still under construction. After weeks of hard work & multiple revisions, we finished & couldn’t wait to see the design in its full glory & atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the bar lost its investors mid-construction & POOF! It was all gone. Now it’s a small boutique with horrid off-white-yellowish walls.😔

So no. For me, the money & memories aren’t enough. Completing a project is only 80-85% of the process. That last 15-20% comes from seeing how it interacts & lives in the world. Seeing how & who interpreted the message & how it’s being used. Then, you know if you need to adjust to improve it. But to do that, someone besides yourself needs to see it.

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