Finding Your Artistic Style

Your Artistic Style is an Extension of Your Brand

Finding and Using Your Artistic Style as an Extension of Your Brand

Once you find your artistic style, it becomes a part of your brand. Your artistic style is what separates you from millions of other artists. Your style is the visual elements (colors, shapes, type, genre, subject matter, etc.) that your followers/fans look for when looking for your work. 

Finding Your Artistic Style

Find three to five artists you are inspired by and examine their work thoroughly to see what makes them good to you. If it’s their line work, brush strokes, how they render their subject matter, the colors they use, or their attention to detail. Whatever it is, try doing it yourself, and mix and match those qualities together. You might come up with something you like. 

Your Artistic Style is your Brand

Your style is an extension of your brand. Have you ever noticed how most artists use the same colors and shapes as part of their branding/marketing materials? That’s done for a reason. It’s because those are the visual elements they are known for, so it’s the most logical thing to use for their marketing/branding. This is why finding your artistic style is essential; it plays a significant role in your brand. 

In the art community, there’s a saying, Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”.  Then there’s, Ignorant artists imitate; enlightened artists steal, which is what I prefer (this is an example of me stealing by the way). The question now is, which are you, an ignorant artist or an enlightened artist? Remember, we all start as ignorant artists. Then we learn and become enlightened artists.

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